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Program Highlights

Program highlightsThe Program Highlights document provides a good overview of the RfSC program, our mission, objectives and impact.   For a hardcopy, please contact the program manager at 416-588-3755 x555. The document can be downloaded below.

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Every year we plan and develop an evaluation process to assess the impact of the RfSC program on the participating newcomer parents and children.  Click here for a preview on the summary of the results for the  Ready for School Connects Program 2015 Evaluation Report.

“My child has always been really attached to me, and she has had some separation issues in the past. I was really anxious about her starting school. But, with the help of the staff here and the program, now my daughter has experienced what it means going to school, learning from a teacher, trusting other adults and not only me. Now my child knows and trusts the teachers and other children, she is no longer scared.” Parent, Pauline Public School

“My child used to call me each time she needed to go to the washroom. That does not happen anymore, she is independent and goes to the washroom on her own, and she does not need me. Parent, Crescent Town Public School

“For me, the information about the Canadian education system and the Behaviour guidance was very important. This is the first time my son is going to school and we are new to Canada. This information is helpful.  I am more comfortable.”   Parent, Secord Public School

 “This is a good program.  Sending a child to school is scary and important at the same time, because you see we raise our kids for 3 years… and then you have to give them to the school, and off they go.  This program reinforces that feeling we all have, that we are doing things well, that we are great parents and that the school is going to be a great experience for our children.” Parent, George Webster Public School

“It’s a wonderful program, bringing the children to the classroom and connecting with other parents so you did not feel totally alone.” Parent, Danforth Gardens Public School

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For a copy of the complete 2015 Evaluation Report, please contact the program manager at 416-588-3755 x555.