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Ready for School Connects (RfSC) values sharing effective practices and information with others. The RfSC Staff Training Toolkit is available to download from this website. Schools and community organizations can use the materials to guide their programs however they cannot call their program Ready for School Connects.
Cost: FREE

Become a Ready for School Connects Partner!
Starting your own RfSC program in your community involves meeting with the RfSC Program Manager, building community partnerships, arranging funding, staffing and other program resources.

Being able to call your program Ready for School Connects involves entering into a formal partnership, participation in RfSC training sessions and adhering to the RfSC brand standards.

Included in becoming a RfSC partner, is support through the first year of your new program through planning meetings, phone consultation/ email correspondence and site visits.
RfSC can provide assistance with:
• building community partnerships
• finding resources
• planning your RfSC program
• staff training
• support during your first program session

We can also help with the start up costs for a limited number of new sites each year. This includes: Staff Training Toolkits, t-shirts and training sessions, RfSC promotional items and program start up kits.

For more information about hosting your own RfSC program and becoming a RfSC partner, please contact the program manager at 416-588-3755 x555