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Staff Training Toolkit

The RfSC Staff Training Toolkit is a guide for staff and volunteers from partner schools and community agencies. The combination of hands-on training and the toolkit prepare staff to run their own Ready for School Connects programs. This guide also serves to enhance existing school readiness programs. We are pleased to bring a revised edition of the Training Toolkit to you this year. We have made changes to include words, concepts, tools and references to reflect recent changes in the early years and education sectors. If you wish to run a RfSC program in your community, please see the community partners section for more information.

Download the Toolkit PDF document
Medium Resolution 7Mb pdf file

Appendices A: Forms
Download all Appendices A Word (Zip)| PDF
A1 Advisory Committee Terms of Reference Word | PDF
A2 Letter of Agreement Word | PDF
A3 Sample Monthly Update Word | PDF
A4 Program Evaluation Tools Word | PDF
A5 Program Leader Job Postings & Job Descriptions Word | PDF
A6 Sample Staff Evaluation Form Word | PDF
A7 Detailed Children’s Activity Schedule Word | PDF
A8 Daily Debriefing Record Word | PDF
A9 Separation Anxiety Tips for Parents Word | PDF
A10 Safety Checklist Word | PDF
A11 Sample Graduation Certificate Word | PDF
A12 Portfolio Interview Checklist Word | PDF
A13 Weekly Check-In Form Word | PDF
A14 Sample Letter to Child’s Teacher Word | PDF
A15 Sample Attendance Records Word | PDF
A16 BINGO Activity Card Word | PDF
A17 Brochure Word | PDF
A18 Registration Forms Word | PDF
A19 Welcome Letter Word | PDF
A20 Expense Tracking Word | PDF
A21 Follow Up Phone Calls Word | PDF
A22 Training Activities Answers Word | PDF

Appendices B: Resources
Download all Appendices B Word (zip) | PDF
B1 Children’s Songbook Word | PDF
B2 Healthy Snack Menu & Seasonal Produce Charts Word | PDF
B3 Book List 2009 Word | PDF
B4 City Wide Community Resource List 2012 Word | PDF
B5 Easy Clean Up Tips Word | PDF
B6 Parent Resources List Word | PDF
B7 Sample Supplies List Word | PDF
B8 Branded Materials Word| PDF
B9 Building Relationships Word | PDF

Healthy Child Screening Manual PDF